Where in the World…

Where in the world have I been?!
So.. I kind of dropped off the face of the planet for a couple months.
To sum it up quickly: I started a new workout program (Kayla Itsines to be exact…if you haven’t heard of her, check. this. amaze. woman. out.), got really sick (that whole winter one-thing-turns-into-something-worse-into-something-worse type of sick) for over a month, got a new job (yay! Tell you about that lata) and so on.. so it’s been a busy one.

With that being said, I’m super stoked to hop back into posting!
Although I got to week six out of twelve of my workout program (then I got sick), I am going to restart it at the beginning of this new year and I want to share my experience with you because it’s a tough program that I find a lot of girls having questions about (like I did).

Below I attached a vid that describes almost the exact same thing, but some people like to read, some like to watch, so have at it 😉

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