White Eyeliner Vs. Black Eyeliner: The New Fad

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White Eyeliner vs. Black…

Hi friends! My Ab’s Secret for this week is to hand over the black eyeliner and trade it out for its exact opposite…white! White eyeshadow, eyeliner, paint pot (makeup terms), etc. makes one’s eyes look bigger and often times makes the focal point of your face your eyes. Although it seems like black eyeliner would do this, white does it in a nonchalant, more casual way.

So, if you want your eyes to pop, glow and look bigger, try using a white eyeliner pencil instead of black. I usually apply it right on my waterline.

If you’re okay with dishing out some dough for a makeup product and want to achieve this look, I would buy MAC’s Eye Kohl eyeliner pencil {{shade: Fascinating}}. Sometimes spending a little more on a product goes a long way because the application is smoother and lasts longer.

If you don’t want to spend much money, you can pop on over to Target (like I did) and purchase Rimmel London Soft Kohl 071 Pure White pencil. Warning: it does not go on very heavily so you may have to do multiple applications, so sometimes, the more expensive product pays off if this is a look you are trying to achieve more than once and more dramatically

For more on this, click here.


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