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Hi all,

Okay…so this week I took on a three day Juice cleanse from a great company called Juicd Life. I have no affiliation with the company, but based solely on my experience over the last several days, I would have to say I’m pretty impressed.

It was my first all-juice cleanse and what better time to get healthy and work on my summer bod than now (right ladies and gents??). The cleanse includes six juices a day, for three days.

Before you start thinking to yourself “There’s no way I could live on all liquid for three WHOLE days…that’s not even healthy…” Think again.

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The skinny on a Juice Cleanse:

1. You sleep like a log. Literally.
-Juicing gives your body a break from solid foods which in turn, gives your digestive system a break. A good night’s sleep is not only good for your body, it is also good for your mind and attitude. Trust me guys, sleep changes everything.

2. You will have more energy.
-Juicing rids your body of all of the toxins we are exposed to and consume daily, therefore gives us more clarity and focus in the hours we are awake during the cleanse. So if you are one of those people who get very easily distracted at work or school then this is for y..look! a squirrel! 😉 No, but seriously…it gives you mental clarity because the nutritious ingredients increase blood flow to the brain. It also doesn’t hurt that you can shed a few lbs!

3. Your hair and skin will glow.
-Have you ever seen those people who just simply glow? Well you could be one of those people! Juicing helps with this because the leafy greens such as spinach, chard and kale contain lots of vitamins such as B complex, C and D. You can also achieve these results by taking vitamin capsules (I will create a post about this soon).

4. Lastly, but certainly not least…Happy is healthy.
-We all live busy lives in one shape or another whether you are rushing to grab your Starbucks on the way into your nine-to-five, a stay at home Mother, a blogger, student, etc. [The Starbucks one describes me all too well, guilty]. So we NEED to have a diet that will aid us in our “always busy” state of mind. Whether juicing is for you or not, a healthy diet is something that is so important for your joy. Although a slice of pizza and a beer is better-than-great on occasion, I want to make sure to emphasize the word occasion. A better diet is a better life.

“The greatest wealth is Health.”  -Author Unknown

So juice on, kitties!

Important: remember to drink A LOT of water while doing this cleanse so you can flush out your system and kick the whole cleansing effect into full gear…I was advised a gallon a day. Also, there is a slim chance your kidney or lower back may be sore during the cleansing process due to the juice and toxins going straight to your blood stream which makes your blood thicker and requires your kidney to work twice as hard. Don’t be alarmed if the pain is slight, that’s natural.

I posted a video below with more information about juice cleanses. Ch ch check it out!

A breakdown on my three days:

Day 1: I felt great the whole day…I ended up drinking a little over half a gallon of water (should’ve had more) and got through my 6 juices just fine. I think the adrenaline of this new, exciting challenge (I’m weird and get stoked about this stuff) was in full bloom so I was able to get through it. I went to sleep feeling a little bit hungry, but I could tell it was more my mind tricking me into craving late night snacks because that tends to me a bad habit of mine.

Day 2: I got to be honest, this day was the worst. I don’t know if it was just because every food under the stars was presented to me at work (including Sprinkles…yeah.) or if it was just because my body was getting used to this new jive and the detoxing was at an all time high. I also woke up at 6am before work to run which also made me super hungry because it got my blood-a-flowin and my metabolism kickin’! I did find out later that the second day is said to be the worst. I was extra tired and although I still felt alright, I would be lying if I said I didn’t crawl into bed at about 8:30pm on this day.

Day 3: I was very excited for this to be the last day of the cleanse which I think helped get me through it. It was not the juices that I dreaded- those tasted great, it was the not eating that got me. In my world, food is joy. Anywho, got through this day swimmingly and went to bed early on this night as well. I also drank a little over a gallon of water on this day which I think helped keep me full and satisfied. My body and mind felt great when I got into bed. I didn’t feel too full as I regularly do and was at peace.

Woke up on my forth day, worked out, and couldn’t have been happier to suck down a yummy protein shake.
Overall, I am SO happy I did the cleanse. I finished feeling happy, healthy and on top of the world! I would recommend it to anyone.

For more info, or to purchase your own cleanse, click here (source).

Let me know your thoughts below.. What was your juice cleanse experience? If you’re new to the idea, would you try it?


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