6 Skinny Summer Sips!


Okay so I can’t decide if I wish I just never found this out, or if I’m happy I know now…

Sometimes naivety is bliss…

But not when you’re tryna get a beach bod. SO, here is the breakdown of calories in your average summer drinks according to Yahoo:

Daiquiri (8oz): 449 Calories
Pina Colada(12oz): 586 Calories + 57 Carbs, 5g Fat
Mai Tai(9oz): 620 Calories
Mud Slide(6oz): 556 Calories
Mojito (12oz): 280 Calories (substitute the sugar for Stevia and it’s only 140 Calories)
Cosmopolitan (5oz): 200 Calories
Margarita (10oz): 550 Calories
Long Island Iced Tea (10oz): 543 Calories
Leffe Tripel (12oz): 248 Calories
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 200 Calories

WOAH. Now, if that doesn’t just take a total dump on your plans to sit by the pool and sip a Mai Tai, I don’t know what would.

So- don’t worry-Abrielle (and WebMD) to the rescue!! Below are some great recipes for drinks you can enjoy this summer or holiday weekend without feeling like a beached whale afterwards.

Watermelon Mojito: 100 Calories

↠Cubes of watermelon
↠fresh mint leaves.
↠Sparkling water

Crush cubes of watermelon and mint with a spoon, add a shot of rum, sparkling water and wah-lah! The watermelon creates the sweet, bubbly taste you look for in a mojito-while the mint cuts through and makes your drink feel even more cool and fresh on a hot summer day!

Pina Colada

Skinny Piña Colada: 229 Calories
One shot of Coconut infused rum- this alone can cut A LOT of calories that the creamy, store-bought coconut mix has.
↠Fresh strawberries (a small handful)
↠Agave Syrup

Put all of these ingredients in a blender, shot of rum, fresh strawberries (frozen strawberries will work too if you want your drink to be even colder), a mini splash of agave nectar (will give it the extra sweetness it needs) and blend it with ice!


Shochu Cosmo: 70 Calories
↠Shochu- Japanese spirit
↠Diet cranberry juice
↠Lime Juice
↠Orange Juice

Shochu is a japanese spirit that is smooth and is a great option to replace vodka with to cut some serious cals (35 calories per 2 ounce). So put the shochu, cranberry juice, lime juice and orange juice in a martini shaker with some ice and have at it! Poor in an “up” glass, garnish with a lemon curl and enjoy Sex-and-the City style 😉


Slim the Gin and Tonic: 75 Calories
↠Diet tonic water
↠Shot of tonic

Fun fact: tonic water is almost as high in calories as soda is! So diet tonic water should be your jam on this drink. Pour some in tonic in a glass, add a shot of gin, a squeeze of lime and enjoy this skinniest of all drink!

Skinny Vodka Iced Tea: 80 Calories
↠Low-cal lemonade
↠Sweet tea flavored vodka

Kill two birds with one stone and mix some sweet tea vodka and low-calorie lemonade with some ice, garnish with a lemon wedge and it’s that easy! With only 80 calories each, you could have a couple of these bad boys.

Lemongrass Collins: 90 Calories
↠Vanilla vodka
↠Lime juice
↠Zero-cal Sparkling water
↠Fresh Lemongrass

The skinny version of this drink uses vanilla vodka instead of gin for a little bit of sweetness mixed with zero calorie sparkling water, fresh muddled lemongrass, mint, vanilla and lime juice. I have seen a couple of different versions of this drink where they add in some pomegranate juice for some flavor and antioxidants! You really can’t go wrong with this combination of ingredients.

To send you off on your merry, skinny way, here are some quick tips to take into account when thinking about picking up that mixed drink:

↠Use fresh juice rather instead of high calorie, store-bought mixes.
↠Use flavored sparkling water, or club soda.
↠Fewer ingredients mean fewer calories.
↠Everything in moderation!
↠Although it can be tempting, don’t mix a ton of different alcohols in one mixed drink…the calories add up quickly!

I hope these tips help you make some better choices when picking up that yummy, tempting summer drink! There are such easy and tasty ways to cut calories and add healthy benefits (if that’s possible in an lacy-filled drink ha ha) to your favorite drink.

What are your favorite skinny summer sips?

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