All who are in for AXING Axe Body Spray from existence, say ‘Aye.’

‘AYE’ x 27498 from this girl.

There are few things worse than somebody, guy or girl, walking past you and leaving an endless, relentless cloud of whatever perfume, cologne, spray etc. they chose to douse themselves in before leaving the house.

With that being said, let’s hop right into the scents that I have collectedly found to be the most popular/yummy ones around {{hint: click the cologne pictures to see where you can buy them}}:

#1 MONTBLANC: Legend

Mont BlancThis cologne seems to be a popular one with the men. It’s described as being light, confident, charismatic, with hints of sandalwood and fresh jasmine. That sounds like a killer combination that would be hard to pass up.
#2 Polo Blue
Polo BlueI am obsessed with this cologne. It has initial hints of melon and cucumber with base notes of musk and suede. It is a light fresh smell that is not overpowering and still very manly. I dig big time.
#3 Juicy Couture: Dirty English

JuicyAlthough this scent is maybe for a younger crowd, I remember smelling this on one of my guy friends and I almost wanted to buy myself a bottle of it it smelled so good. It is a very woodsy smell with notes of black leather and sandalwood. It has quite the reputation of charming any bad boy.
#4 Michael Kors-Original
Michael Kors
Michael Kors anything is the bomb.com. This is more of a lighter, sweet smell for men. Some of the initial smells you get are cardamom and cinnamon then it turns into more of a tobacco/plum smell. This is a good every-now-and-then scent.
#5 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier
This smell is known to be strong and sensual. The top notes of this cologne are mint and lavender followed by some cinnamon, vanilla and cedar wood. It’s a fresh, light scent that is smooth all the way through.
#6 Bleu De Chanel
Chanel Cologne
This fragrance is the manliest of manly smells loaded with strong notes of nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood mint and pink pepper. Chanel does an exquisite job with fragrances…this one won’t disappoint.
#7 Creed Silver Mountain Water



 Last, but certainly not least, this bad boy. Creed’s top notes are those of mandarine and bergamot followed by green tea and musk. This cologne is elegant even down to the bottle mirroring a Swiss mountain topped with virgin snow. This is the priciest of the bunch, so use wisely and sparingly!

What are your favorite colognes? Comment Below.

xx A

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