PSA MEN: How/When to Tuck In

This one’s for you, men! How-to/when to tuck in your shirt. Read on…

Although this may sound like a VERY simple concept, if you are reading this at work, take a look around (or at yourself)… and I can guarantee you the majority of men have their shirt tucked in incorrectly.

You don’t need to look like an absolute nerd with your shirt tucked in guys…

So to make it easy, here is an acronym to go by: FBB.
Fits right
-NOT bulky
-NOT baggy


Here are the straight facts put simply for you men:

↠ If the hem of your shirt is flat and straight, it can be worn un-tucked.
↠ If the bottom of your shirt has tails and varies in length, it is meant to be tucked in.


↠ In MHO, undershirts should always be tucked in…always. There are few worse looks than your white, ratty, ribbed tank top popping out underneath your crisp button up shirt.

Polo Shirts:

↠ Even with an uneven hem (lots of polo shirts have a higher front and longer back hem) polo shirts are the one exception to the rule…they can either be un-tucked or tucked for a more dressier look.


↠ No tucked in Hawaiian, paisley, checkered, chevron shirt should ever.be.tucked.in.everrr. Ew. Nope. HELLO-nerd alert. Avoid this at all cost. Keep it chill and un-tucked, my friends.


↠ This look is one of those situations where you either can pull it off or you can’t…I’m sorry to say. If you are at a crossroads in your decisions on whether you should or shouldn’t:
↠ Google it {{my go-to for everything}}
↠ Ask a stylish female around you. It is better to look “nerdy” for a hot second when asking someone in the beginning of the night than continuing on with your plans and look like that for hours on end.

Mini lesson- The correct way to tuck in a shirt:

↠ Everything should be smooth and straight {{dare I say, ironed}}
↠ All major seams and lines should line up {{the buttons of your shirt should line up neatly with the fly of your pants as well as with your belt buckle}}

The Tuck:

↠ Layer order goes like this:
↠ Undershirt
↠ Underwear
↠ Button up shirt or t-shirt {{outward shirt}}
↠ Pants

You hear that guys?? Undershirt tucked into underwear…thoughts? Concerns? The guys of Country House Party seemed to have a problem with this one. Ha ha

Last but not least, like I always say, confidence is key. Even if you’re going to rock an un-tucked, uneven, paisley shirt with no undershirt but you rock it with confidence, you most likely will look better than the dude rockin the Armani tailored suit with no confidence, personality or game.

Cheers to looking fierce, men!

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