KISS: Keep It Simple Saturday

Hi everyone!

I am starting a new little thing where I post something that inspires, excites or simply makes me feel something-whether it be fashion, food, a quote, a funny video, etc. and I’m going to do it once a week, every Saturday.

I decided to call it KISS both because it will be SIMPLE (Keep It Simple Saturday) and because what I post will be what “kissed” my life this week! : )

So I could not think of a better KISS to kick this off with than with this amazing quote.



Everyday we are all put into situations where we can choose to take the positive route or the negative route in life….or even more simply put, in our day.

When we wake up and put our feet on the ground, we make a conscious decision whether we realize it or not to have a good or bad attitude.

Personally, I am a happy, driven, positive person, but there are times I find myself sinking into what other’s attitudes are around me and it is a heck of a lot easier being brought down than picking others up.

SO-I am making a conscious decision to stay ontop of my positive mindset and watch it change my life!

You, and only you, are in control of your attitude and mindset. If there is something or somebody who is poisonous in your life, remove it.

Make your life worth living, loves!!

Happy Saturday!


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