The Sought-After Smokey Eye

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If you are anything like me and just want to somehow master that smokey eye look without looking like an absolute raccoon, then you are in the right place!

Check out my video below to get the step by step process:

Product Breakdown

{{tip: click the name of the product to be redirected to where you can purchase the item ;)}}

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion: This stuff is great. It keeps your eye shadow on all day!
Makeup 5

2. MAC Blanc Type Matte Eyeshadow: My go-to neutral eyeshadow!
Makeup 2

3. MAC Quarry Purple Eyeshadow: This is a really great color because it is not too bold, but it shapes the line that you are going for with your bold, darker eyeshadows.
Makeup 4

4. MAC Print Gray Eyeshadow: This is another awesome color because it is not too bold, but create subtle definition.

5. Urban Decay NAKED Palette: Words cannot express how much I love-obsess-want-to-marry- this makeup palette. I use it every single day and it has lasted me a long time…as you can tell-it’s in a little rough shape.
Naked Palette

7. Foam Makeup Blender: This little foam ‘blob’ is a miracle-worker. It blends all of the bronzer, blush and excess concealer into one to create a flawless looking face.

8. MAC Carbon Black Eyeshadow: This is MAC’s plain black eyeshadow. I dig it.

9. Revlon Colorstay Black Eyeliner: Also another go-to makeup product to own. I usually put this one my water line.

10. MAC Black Track Fluidline Eyeliner: I use this eyeliner everyday! If your brushes are clean, it goes on so smoothly. It takes a little practice getting used to though.

11. Eyelash Curler: You can get one of these anywhere! I think mine is Revlon…{{disclaimer: always be gentle curling your lashes because you don’t want to pull any out/pinch your eye…I have and it makes me want to cry ha ha.}}

12. Ardell Glamour Demi Black 101 Eyelashes: These lashes are beautiful and so inexpensive. I chose “glamour” demi black 101 to make my eyes pop a little more for this bolder, smokey eye look.

13. MAC Cream Color Base Luna Frost: You can really use this product for any part of the face. Here, I use it to highlight the brow bone so it will draw other’s eyes to the body of your smokey eyeshadow. For more tips on what else you can do with this product, click here and here.

14. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (Shade: NW 20): This stuff is the bomb. It covers all things under the sun. It only takes one pump to get the job done too.
Makeup 615. My Makeup Brushes: I get my makeup brushes all different places, but I just recently purchased this whole set of brushes that are great quality brushes and SO inexpensive. Click the “My Makeup Brushes” and it will redirect you to where I bought them. Really though, any makeup brushes you use for this look that are similar to the basic one’s I used should work perfectly.

Makeup 3           Makeup7

So, that’s my favorite smokey eye look…How do you do smokey eyes? Leave it in a comment below!!

xo, A

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