Handling Shaving Battle Wounds

What’s worse than freshly cleaned shaved anything with razor cuts everywhere….? Nothing.

SO-Ab’s Secrets at your service!! With the help of this bad boy, I have composed a list of treatments for cuts when shaving, below:

{{Tip}} you want a product that has an active ingredient of astringent because it constricts the tissues in your skin and dries the blood in your cuts.

Store-bought Remedies

Styptic Pencil: this small pencil is made of different types of natural astringents. All you have to do is wet it and apply a small amount of pressure with it onto your cut. Make sure to wipe off the excess powder once it’s dry!

Alum Block: this is a bar of potassium alum. In order to use it, similar to above, you wet it and apply but this one is larger so it can be applied to larger areas.

My Nik Is Sealed: this little gem has similar ingredients as the above tools but ALSO includes aloe and vitamin E to help soothe your cut. Another plus with this one is that it does not leave even a trace of white, chalky residue that the others do.

Home Remedies

Cold Water: when you cut yourself, you will want to splash cold water on the cut as soon as possible because it naturally causes your blood vessels to restrict cause the blood to stop flowing out.

Anti-Perspirant: deodorant is not just used for sweating believe it or not, it also can be used to block your pores off, like in this case, it acts as an astringent.

Limp balm or Petroleum jelly: The same way that deodorant blocks of your pores, lib products can do the same all thanks to a little ingredient called aluminum chloride. The textures is thicker and therefore provides a shield over your wound.

So next time you are going out and butcher your face with you razor on accident, have no fear- there are little tricks that can help you out.

Do you have any tips? Share below!

xx A

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