How-To: Dressing For your Body Shape

Body Shapes- Fruit

So…it has been said that every human body closely resembles some type of fruit.

Offensive? Potentially.

BUT we can counter those unwanted stereotypes by dressing in a way that will flatter your beautiful pear, orange, apple, banana-shaped bod.

Body Shapes- Description Image

If you have an hourglass shaped figure, it is characterized by “a defined bust, defined waist, a neat bottom and neat hips.”  Apparently, this is the most sought after body type for a woman. In order to flatter/highlight this body type, one must wear a cinched waist, low, slimming necklines and you want to balance out your bust with your hips. Fitted jackets and dresses with a tight waist and a flared out bottom half are a popular, flattering look for this body type.

If you have an apple figure, it is characterized by rounded shoulder lines with a flattened tush, medium to large bust line, a fuller middle and great legs. A lot of women take on this figure-type the older they get. The best way to flatter this figure is by wearing flowy shirts with fabrics that don’t cling. Rather than wearing bright colors, dress in subtler shades. Another tip is to show off your bomb legs and draw the eyes to those gems, so for dresses you could wear a flowy, wider shaped dress with a shorter hemline to attract attention to your legs.

If you have a pear figure, it is characterized by fuller thighs and hips, shoulders that are smaller than your bottom half and a small bust. To flatter this body type, wear bolder, brighter tops and darker bottoms to make your bottom half appear slimmer. Although it may seem totally 80’s, shoulder pads are a great option for this body-type to create the illusion that you have more of an hourglass type of figure. A cute blazer with slim shoulder pads are always a good go-to. Avoid horizontal stripes and grab yourself a wrap dress instead!

If you have a banana shaped figure, it is characterized by a small bust, narrow shoulders, small, straight waste, flat butt and narrow hips. This figure can also be known as petit. Avoid boxy-type jackets, corsets, tube tops, and pretty much anything that draws the eye to the bust line (or lack there of…trust me, I’m right there with ya ladies). Instead, you will want to grab some skirts that have a “bell” type of cut to create the illusion of curves, tops with a higher neck line and textures, and as for pants, you really can wear whatever you want and you will look bomb. MC hammer pants and pants with a straight, flattering cut above the ankle with some heels are some of my favorite looks right now.

Although there are all types of beautiful body shapes out there, tall, short, thin, curvy etc. they are ALL beautiful in their own way and it is the body that we were blessed with, so instead of hating on it…flatter it! Making choices of fashions that work with your body type will make you feel and look like you are ontop of the world.

Wherever you are, or whatever you are wearing, most and foremost, be confident! Confidence is sexy, ladies!

What are your favorite outfits to flatter your shape? Comment below!

xx A

4 responses to “How-To: Dressing For your Body Shape”

  1. Smart stuff, I expect reading more.

  2. Gina Davis-Lloyd says:

    Hello Abrielle,
    I came across your page while researching female body types. I am looking into starting a small business helping women look their best by getting rid of things in their closets that are nice, but not flattering for them and then finding another woman who might wear it better.
    I am making up a questionnaire regarding women’s clothing taste and I am wondering if I can use your body type images? They are the best I’ve found on the web and I love that they have additional details. Love what you did Thank you.

    • Hi Gina! Have at it. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original source, usually I attach the link to the picture. So as far as I’m concerned, they’re all yours! Thanks for the comment and good luck with your business! xo

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