Summer How-To’s: Beachy Curls In Under Three Minutes

Curls After

Hi Everyone!

Want to know how to do an everyday beachy curls look in under three minutes??

This is my go-to look for most days…

Romantic, beachy waves are always a good look-especially if it takes barely any time at all to achieve! Lets be honest…the last thing we have time to spend our time on in the mornings or before going out is our hair…

Check it out below!

Product Breakdown:

Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner: These products really enrich your individual hair strands and renew split ends, all while giving you some added volume and not to mention…it makes your hair smell great!

Catwalk Volume mousse: I have used this for years. I haven’t found anything else like it…it gives me the perfect amount of lift without the nasty grease or weight of other products.

Sultra Curling Wand: This wand is great because it doesn’t leave creases and is quick and easy to use.

Aussie Volume Hair Spray: This hairspray is dirt cheap and also allows your hair to hold shape but still be flowy so you don’t get that stiff hair sprayed look.

I hope you enjoy and can try it at home! Give me your feedback in a comment below!

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