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DIY: Charcoal Blackhead Remover

Okay, so I saw my super cute friend, Lexy, do this mask, and I had to steel it and try it myself. I love this DIY particularly ...


DIY: Crayon Lipstick

YOU GUYS! I am sooo excited about this little DIY gem. I am going to be showing you how to make your own (DIY) lipstick with crayons ...


DIY: Body/Lip Scrub

Little fun fact about me, I am a co-host on a morning TV show called Arizona Daily mix! There are two lovely main hosts, and then me ...


DIY Gel Manicure

If I spend money on anything, it is..or guess I should say WAS getting my nails done..well, and MAC Makeup LOL. I la la loveeee getting my nails done, because then my nails are nice for at least two weeks! Best feeling ever. Also, it is a rarity that I go longer than half a day without nail polish on. ...


Recipe: Mini Blueberry Pies

Hi! I'm going to be real honest about this post. I was taught a valuable lesson on Father's Day this year. Let me back up, everything was just dandy that day, I went store hopping all over the valley in the morning so I could get the ingredients for these yummy pies and stuff to make dinner. The only ...


Abrielle Says- Contour 2016

Ladies! Contour is the new black. Everything I see in the beauty world is about contouring! I have made a couple of contour videos but this one is my fav because A. I got a new camera (still learning it) and B. I got new awesome, inexpensive contouring products and I love love love them and C. My video ...

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What to Wear: Phoenix Waste Management Open 2016 EDITION

Hi! It's been a minute since we've chatted...but what better minute to strike up a convo than the minutes before the lovely Annual Waste Management Phoenix Open? This, like I mentioned last year is one of my favorite times of the year. Superbowl, PHX Open, New Year new me attitude (jkkk I haven't ...