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I got it KISS

KISS: I Got This!

KISS: Keep It Simple Saturday Take 3.  This little doll absolutely made my week. He is a one year old amputee that keeps repeating ...

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Less Is More: Quick Makeup How-To

Less is more ladies... Here is a quick, go-to makeup look that you can throw on in 5 minutes before work, a date or any other ...

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XO Cafe Patron Cupcakes I The Best In All The Land

WOWWee. I found/invented the best cupcakes in all the land...and what does it include?? Tequillla! Yum. What else does it include?? ...

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KISS: Keep It Simple Saturday

So last week I decided to start a new weekly post called KISS: Keep It Simple Saturday. Basically it is just what kissed my life within the week. This has been a great week! There is something about holiday weekends that just get the best of me. I don't know if it's the short week at work, the ...

4th of july playlist

Your Ultimate 4th of July Playlist!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!! I hope you have an AMAZING day celebrating our Independence and freedom as a country! We are so lucky. Don't forget to thank those who still fight for our freedom everyday. I made a playlist of some of the best songs I could think of that encompassed 4th of July ...


6 Skinny Summer Sips!

Okay so I can't decide if I wish I just never found this out, or if I'm happy I know now... Sometimes naivety is bliss... But not when you're tryna get a beach bod. SO, here is the breakdown of calories in your average summer drinks according to Yahoo: Daiquiri (8oz): 449 Calories Pina ...


KISS: Keep It Simple Saturday

Hi everyone! I am starting a new little thing where I post something that inspires, excites or simply makes me feel something-whether it be fashion, food, a quote, a funny video, etc. and I'm going to do it once a week, every Saturday. I decided to call it KISS both because it will be SIMPLE (Keep ...